New “Great North Walk” Charity Event Planned for August from Sunderland to Berwick

Sunderland Global Media and partners are scheduling a new “Great North Walk” Event for August.

The walk will see up to four volunteers walk from Sunderland up to the Scottish border (80 miles) in Berwick in a four day phased journey, on behalf of charity.

This will also be filmed as part of the SunderVerse Media group with the view to making it a documentary.

Accommodation has also been pre booked for along the way, but additional volunteers are still being sought.

In January, a solo feat was done by SGM’s founder on behalf of the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen, which involved a 60 mile trek to Bamburgh across two days.

The effort raised £1000.

Now, a longer route is being planned. The specific charity to be supported will be announced in due course.