New North Star Casting Call Issued

A new casting call has been announced for the upcoming Sunderland set fantasy film, the North Star, with some roles still up for grabs.

Last December, several casting calls for the anticipated film, which has received support from New Enterprise Studios, Southwick, were put out, resulting in scores of applicants.

While many of the lead positions are no longer accepting applications, there are some supporting and minor roles still available.

These include:

  • Viviane (Main character): A mysterious mystical woman who guides Sophie throughout her journey to become the North Star, based on the Arthurian legend Lady of the Lake. (Age group: 30-40s woman).
  • Eddie Scott: (Supporting Character): The main character’s depressed, feckless and downtrodden father (40s to 50s male)
  • Tony Radcliff (Supporting Villain): a Sunderland gangster, loan shark and criminal based in Southwick. He’s a nasty piece of work, and comes into the story through the debts Eddie Scott owes him through a gambling addiction. He’s based on a real life Sunderland criminal
  • Mr. Marchant (Supporting Character): Sophie Scott’s well meaning yet eccentric schoolteacher who is excessively enthusiastic yet sometimes oblivious to his students struggle.
  • School headmistress: An intimidating, very serious and unfriendly school headmistress (40s to 50s woman)
  • Liam Heskett (Supporting Character): A friend of Micky White’s who helps the main characters by providing support and information. He’s a chav sort of lad from Hendon, but his heart is in the right place.
  • A female PE teacher (Minor Role): (30s to 40s woman)
  • Derek Smith, manager of a pub (Minor Role): (40s to 50s man)
  • Big Kev, accomplice to Tony Radcliff (Minor Role): (30 to 40s male)

Applicants should write to, offering some brief background information on any acting experience they may have, a self-introduction and a photo of themselves.

Written in 2022, the North Star is a fantasy film which utilizes themes of Northumbrian mythology and Arthurian legend to depict the story of one Sunderland girl’s journey to becoming a mystical hero. It is a unique concept and is the first feature film ever of its kind based in Sunderland.

The screenplay has underwent numerous rounds of consultation, and a significant amount of money has been pledged towards its production. Casting has been underway since last year in the form of tapes, as well as in person auditions in Southwick.

A contract to produce it is ultimately expected to be finalized in February.