New Ray Lonsdale sculpture of grieving mother revealed at Murton Cenotaph

A new Ray Lonsdale sculpture depicting the grieving mothers of fallen soldiers was revealed yesterday at the Murton village Cenotaph.

Reknowned local sculptor and artist, Lonsdale, has made some monumental works throughout the North East, including the much beloved Vaux delivery wagons on Keel Square.

This monument, showing an elderly woman wearing a poppy, scarf and carrying a walking stick, was revealed on Remembrance Sunday.

It is a representation of the following poem, children of mothers:

When the shadows of my life run long,
And the night air’s chill bites colder,
When the tune I hum is a farewell song,
And I won’t be getting older,
When I view the world through cataract eyes,
And what I see I’ve seen before,
When I grow weary of this mothers cries,
Will I see my child once more.

Photography was sent into SGM by Alan Miller.