Plans submitted to build Giant 5G Mast on Pallion New Road

Plans have been submitted to city development chiefs to build a 20m (66ft) 5G mast next to a Pallion industrial estate.

The applicant, Cellnex UK, said such service was “in the public interest and in very high demand” as public internet usage and pursuit of high quality connections increases.

The mast will be placed on Pallion New Road near the industrial estate.

A statement from the planners reads:

“The site is situated within a commercial area with a high demand for mobile network services.

“It is considered that the least visually intrusive solution has been put forward via the upgrading of an existing site, rather than the introduction of an entirely new telecommunications compound.

The statement added that by using an “existing telecoms site” it would fit in with the “existing network configuration” and eliminate the “need to introduce additional base stations within the cell search area”.