Police vow to hunt down “real killer” of Kieran Williams

Police have vowed to hunt down the “real killer” of Kieran Williams after Louis Hackett was jailed for five years over the manslaughter of the 18 year old

Following a highly controversial trial and ruling, neither Louis Hackett or Ben Cook were convicted of the direct murder of Kieran, who was stabbed 23 times and buried in a makeshift grave near an industrial estate in Pallion.

Although Hackett was found guilty of manslaughter over “luring” him to the location, Cook was acquitted.

Since that time, the Judge who proceeded over the case, Mr. Justice Jay, has expressed his belief that the “real killer” was in fact a third person and that “justice had not been done”.

Now, Northumbria police have confirmed the investigation into the case remains open. A spokesman stated:

“We can confirm this remains an open investigation. We are actively pursuing a number of lines of enquiry, and we will also continue to act on any new information which comes forward.”

“Our thoughts continue to be with Kieran’s family and loved ones following their loss.

“This is a truly tragic case in which a family have been left completely devastated and we will continue to support them wherever we can.

“We want to make it clear that violence of any kind is completely unacceptable – and is never the answer.

“When incidents do occur we are committed to doing all we can to bring those responsible to justice by putting them before the court.”