Popular petition of ‘no confidence’ has been launched against Hartlepool Borough Council


“We want the people to have their say”

Ex – councilor Tony Richardson and Peter Joyce of Rossmere have launched a petition for a vote of no confidence in Hartlepool Borough Council.


The petition has since amassed over 500 signatures, with members of the public flocking to sign it on Monday morning outside Middleton Grange shopping center.

It was launched over the high rate of council tax, which is increasing by 4.9% in April.

Mr Richardson stated “The majority of people we have spoken to want to be in a larger authority. They’re raising the council tax but the streets are not cleaned, there are no police, and now they want to charge us to take our brown bins away.”

This comes after the announcement that 17 Councilor’s, including the Council’s Head, Shane Moore, voted in favour of raising the council tax by almost 5% and charging the public £32 for garden waste disposal.

“You can ask anyone on this street what they think of the current state of the Council, and they will all tell you the same thing.” Mr Richardson reported, as crowds of people were queueing up to sign the petition.

“It currently has over 500 signatures so far, and we need 3339 before they have to sit down with us.”

This equates to around 5% of the town’s electorate.

The petition has since been launched online and has acquired over 100 signatures, the details of which can be found here: https://petitions.sumofus.org/petitions/hartlepool-council-residents-vote-of-no-confidence?fbclid=IwAR1utji6IgGzqm8mK7nwITp4m1bWDKxUSKIiBM5yqlPkz4ehKvKnR8AJFRQ

“We will be moving around to the different precinct’s, so that everyone has a fair chance at signing.”

“We will even be going door to door. Next Saturday, February 11, we will be at the Headland.”

For residents that are not in receipt of council tax support, the rise will represent an annual increase of £60 for a Band A household.

Hartlepool had the fifth highest council tax rate out of the whole North East for Band A properties in 2022-23.

Cllr Shane Moore, Leader of Hartlepool Borough Council told Sunderland Global Media: “We live in a free society where debate and scrutiny are good things but both must be accompanied with facts.

“Sadly, Mr Joyce and Mr Richardson are both fully aware that what they are campaigning for is not within the power of Hartlepool Borough Council.

“A fact that the Chief Solicitor has explained to them very clearly in a recent meeting.

“What I find most disappointing is that Mr Richardson was more than happy with how Hartlepool Borough Council was ran when he was a councillor, it’s only now the public have removed him from office that it would seem he wishes to pick the ball up and take it home.

“The reality is that only the Boundary Commission and Parliament can merge Local Authorities and should that actually happen and Hartlepool is merged with Durham, the people of Hartlepool would find that their Council Tax would be raised even higher once the large precepts for Town Councils are added as in many areas of County Durham.

“I suspect this inconvenient fact is not being told to the residents these men are duping into signing this petition.”