RedHead’s “Mac N’ Cheese” Coming to the Seaburn Stack!

Newcastle based Redheads Mac ‘N’ Cheese is set to open a new venue in the wildly popular Seaburn stack!

Taking its name from owner Jamie Pagett’s red hair, the restaurant is set to open on the seaburn facility in just two weeks time, taking Healthy Thaim’s former spot.

The chain started up at Newcastle’s Grainger Market in 2019, before expanding to the Quayside Market, the Newcastle Stack and then doing deliveries.

Now, Jamie is moving onto Wearside.

“We really like the Sunderland site and are very excited about opening there,” he told reporters.

Trained as a chef, Jamie was trying to balance the long hours with having a family and came up with the idea of a business around mac and cheese in 2016.

“I spent some time in the USA and I absolutely loved eating it when I was there, it’s just so popular,” he said.

“I have such a passion for street food and food in general it just seemed like a great idea.”

Visitors to the new outlet at Seaburn will be able to enjoy mac and cheese in a whole host of different forms, from original with garlic breadcrumbs and extra cheese to sticky rib, Mexican and even a caprese version topped with pesto, sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella.

Customers will also be able to enjoy a whole range of loaded fries and dishes such as a chicken burger mac and cheese.

It’s really comforting in winter but add in some quirky toppings and flavours and it’s a great summer dish too. We can’t wait for visitors to Stack Seaburn to try them for themselves.”

Gemma Dishman, Marketing and Special Projects Manager of Danieli Group, which owns Stack, is delighted that Redheads Mac ‘n’ Cheese is going into Sunderland.

“This is a great brand which was really popular in our Newcastle venue,” she said. “The food is delicious and really inventive and we know that visitors to Stack Seaburn are going to love it.”