Reports of students protesting in St. Bede’s Catholic Comprehension School this morning over strict rules led to further suspensions

It is reported that a handful of students protested in St. Bede’s Catholic Comprehension School this morning over alleged strict new rules that have seen a large number of students suspended since last Thursday.

Further reports of students being denied access to toilet facilities have been claimed.


Parental consent was given for Sunderland Global Media to interview a Year 8 pupil today, who said “When I arrived at school today, there were loads of kids protesting with no ties on, girls had their hair down and makeup on.

“There were boys with blazers off and their hands in their pockets.

“When I came out of my first lesson, there were around 15 students in the heart space receiving suspensions.

“Teachers were shouting at them, saying they were a disgrace to the school.

“Teachers are becoming stricter, when students are asking to go to the toilet they are automatically being given a code of conduct or are suspending them.

“Teachers were locking some of the toilet blocks.

“We had an assembly and teachers were saying that everything on social media is a lie, and we should not listen because we would not be suspended for silly things – but we are.”

This comes after frustrated parents reported to Sunderland Global Media that there is allegedly no communication from St Bede’s Catholic Comprehension School regarding their children.

Parent Kirsty Wilkinson, 35 from Peterlee said “We have had an ongoing issue with my daughter being bullied for the last five to six months, and nothing has been done about it.

“My daughter was goaded into a fight that was circulated around the school, other schools, and social media.

“I raised my concerns with St. Bede’s and I am still waiting for a phone call back, I have emailed them many times and have been to the school. By that point, I was irate but was threatened with police action.

“I have reported them to OFSTED twice and have reported them to the council.

“There was an incident where my daughter was locked in a classroom with two teachers after school and she felt intimidated to the extent that she tried to jump out of the window.

“My concerns were raised again with no response from the school.

“My daughter has a weak bladder, and teachers would not let her use the toilets during lesson times, but the queues are a mile long when they are on their break, which means she does not get a chance to go.

“I have told her to walk out and go to the toilet if she needs to, which has resulted in her being put in base and given codes of conduct.”

Sunderland Global Media reached out to St Bede’s Catholic Comprehension School for comment on the protest from students, and reports from multiple parents that students are denied access to toilet facilities.

Their statement is as follows:

“Following on from school’s statement on social media yesterday, in which we asked parents to contact school many parents have now met with staff at school.

For clarity, no pupils were suspended purely for a breach of uniform policy. Neither our behaviour policy or our uniform policy have changed they are the same policies we have had in place since last academic year.

This morning, a small number of students were suspended from school, following an incident in school. Pupils were given the opportunity to discuss their concerns with senior leaders, however the behaviour of the students in question continued to endanger the health and safety of the school community, we therefore had no choice but to issue them with suspensions. The parents of students suspended were notified.

The overwhelming majority of pupil’s behaviour has been impeccable. Thank you to parents and carers for their continued support. If parents/carers have any further queries please contact school in the first instance.”