Residents receive council complaints over “unauthorised items” on family graves

A number of families throughout the city have been upset after they received letters from the local council demanding they remove “unauthorised items” from family graves which have turned out only to be plants and other items.

Fiona Hendry, who’s attends to her mother’s grave at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery who recently passed away, stated she received a letter from the council’s bereavement department requiring “unauthorised items” are removed from the grave.

When she inquired about what these items were, they responded saying it was five small plants she had added to it. After posting the news on social media, scores of other families soon responded saying they had received similar letters recently.

It was soon revealed that the purpose behind the policy change is financial, with it being claimed that additional items on lawn based graves are time consuming for employees and therefore costing extra hours.

Sunderland Council has increasingly implemented more arbitrary policies to save money as budget shortfalls have increased including demanding that family’s tenancies for memorial benches must be renewed at a cost amounting to thousands of pounds at the threat of removal.