Roker man with over 300 criminal convictions spat in face of Ambulance worker seeking to help him, but avoids prison

A Roker man with over 300 criminal convictions on his record spat in the face of an ambulance worker who was trying to help him.

Darren Mulley had become unresponsive at an alcohol treatment centre last September and staff contacted the emergency services to assist.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Mulley became agitated with ambulance staff, who had strapped him into a stretcher to be transported to hospital.

Prosecutor Kate Barnes said: “He began trying to get up. The complainant told him not to do that as he was strapped in to prevent him from injuring himself.

“The defendant, without warning, spat at him. The spittle hit him on the right side of the face, going onto his hair and on his shirt.

“The complainant said ‘what was that for? What were you thinking? I’m here to help you’.”

The court heard the victim feared potential infection and said in an impact statement: “I was simply trying to help the man.”

Mulley, who has convictions for 304 previous offences including 161 for dishonesty, admitted assault on an emergency worker.

THe 44-year-old, of Gladstone Street, Roker, also admitted burglary at the Warhammer shop in his home city in January and asked for a raid at the British Heart Foundation charity store to be taken into consideration.

Jamie Adams, defending, said Mulley has been through trauma, has mental health problems and addictions to drugs but has started to accept help.

Mr Recorder Christopher Williams said assault on emergency workers is a serious offence and added: “These folk put themselves in the firing line, literally, to help people like you.

“Whatever emergency service they are, they deserve some respect.”

Recorder Williams said Mulley, who has been in custody on remand, has made “great progress” recently and has started to work well with the authorities.

The recorder said Mulley could have “a chance” and sentenced him to a community order for 18 months.

Mulley was also given four months for breach of a suspended sentence order he was on at the time, which he has already served while on remand.

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