Roy Keane Will Rocket the Spirits of this Club

When I was around 14 years old, Roy Keane accepted Niall Quinn’s offer to become the manager of Sunderland and commenced a journey which would constitute one of the most ecstatic periods of my childhood, making me more attached to the game than ever before.

After a humiliating relegation and a decrepit team, Keane helped spearhead an almost fairytale like revival in our football club which seen us not only be promoted into the premiership, but stay up too. The energy, passion and determination of Keane’s character had a lasting impact on us all and gave us some of what continue up amongst our best ever memories as SAFC fans.

Now, the news is circulating that Roy Keane has been offered the opportunity to return to Wearside as manager in what has been a rollercoaster week following a 6-0 thrashing at Bolton, the end of Streaky Johnson as manager and the glorious comeback of Jermaine Defoe. For Keane to then come in after this would be the cherry on the top of the cake, a truly unbelievable moment which would again rocket the spirits of this club.

Although Keane’s final year in Sunderland ended on a downer as he failed to handle the rupture of big ego players he had signed that summer in 2008, particularly because of his overbearing temper and extremely outspoken attitude, nonetheless for lower league players who respect Roy as a huge name in football, the impact he will have on our team as was the case in 2006-2007, will be huge. He demands and expects nothing, but the absolute best.

And after four years of dwelling in this miserable division with things having been looking lacklustre for a while, this might just be the boost in morale, determination and grit we need to kick on. Once again, Roy Keane could be coming to rescue us from a low point in this club’s history. Fingers crossed!