Seaham Burger Joint deliberately names burger to insult unhappy customer

A Seaham Burger Joint has been publicly slammed after it deliberately announced the name of a new burger as an insult to a disgruntled former customer.

The Sma’sh Burger Seaham Harbour restaurant had been proposing a name for its new “stinky” burger product which would be loaded with contents including rib-eye steak, blue cheese and garlic waffles.

However, in a now deleted follow up post, the restaurant declared that it would name the new burger after an “awkward” customer who was unhappy at their service and later argued with them over facebook messenger.

They called the product “The Stinky Sharon.”

However after a backlash, the post was soon deleted. Some Seaham residents were critical at what they deemed to be the unprofessional nature of the restaurant and accused them of disrespecting their customers.

On the other hand, other social media users rushed to defend the establishment, expressing support for its food and condemning what they perceive to be online “Karen” culture, referring to a stereotype of woman perceived to be overtly aggressive or complaining in respect to a business.

The joint then ultimately decided the name of the special would be “the stinky blue waffle”.