See inside the horrific “Willy Wonka Experience” event that charged £35 each, left parents raging and children crying over how bad it was

Last weekend news went viral of an event titled “The Willy Wonka Experience”, hosted in the outskirts of Glasgow in Scotland.

This event, pushed on the back of the successful film last Christmas “Wonka” starring Timothée Chalamet, as well as the classics with Gene Wilder (1971) and Johnny Depp (2005), captured the imagination of children by pledging an immersive experience of a chocolate and sweet wonderland.

Charging £35 per head, the event was in high demand, only for families throughout Scotland, and even England, to get there and be smacked in the face by how underwhelming it was, discovering a shambles with a handful of decorations inside of an empty warehouse and unenthusiastic staff. Children were promised sweets and chocolate galore, but parents said they got one jelly baby each and half a cup of barr’s soda.

With people reacting with outrage on arrival, the event was shut down by 1pm on that day, with more people even turning up to find that it had closed. The confrontation got so bad the police were called. The situation soon produced an online backlash against the organising company, known as “House of Illuminatiincluding a facebook group which has gained over 2000 members.

The company, however, eventually agreed to refund everyone who had purchased tickets.