Serial Shoplifter Lee Graham arrested following rampage around Sunderland North

A serial Sunderland shoplifter has been arrested following a spree around the North part of the city, SGM can confirm from sources.

Lee Graham, aged 48, is originally from Peterlee, but was recently released from prison after serving half of a four year sentence he received in 2020.

Graham is a relentless thief and burglar, with his conviction having stemmed from targeting the home of a vulnerable deaf woman, and shoplifting all over the North of England, going as far as York to heist from supermarkets.

Following his sentence, he has relocated to Southwick where he has targeted local shops and homes. He was caught on CCTV recently attempting to enter homes throughout Red House at night.

However, a source linked to the police has confirmed to SGM he has been arrested following his local spree. It remains to be seen however, what further action will be taken.