SGM Announces First Pub Partnership with The Mountain Daisy

Sunderland Global Media are proud to announce that we selected the Mountain Daisy, in Millfield, as our first pub partner!

After announcing we were seeking to team up with a venue last week, we were inundated with applications from many interested venues throughout the city, all of them being incredible pubs with great local reputations. It was not an easy choice.

However, we have selected the Mountain Daisy as our first partner due to its historical prestige (being 120 years old), its stunning interior design (with an antique ceramic bar only found in 14 pubs in the UK) and its advantageous location on Hylton Road and next to Millfield Metro Station.

To kick off this partnership, we have immediately ordered 250 SGM themed beer mats to supply the pub with, and are looking forwards to cooperating with them across a wide range of domains.

It is worth nothing that due to the scale of interest we have received, this does not mean we are only selecting one pub partner and are open to forming multiple collaborations, so if you have applied, this does not mean you are “unsuccessful”, only that the Mountain Daisy was the first over the line!