SGM are seeking an Official Pub Partnership!

Sunderland Global Media (SGM) has risen rapidly to become the largest reaching media organization in the North East of England, reaching audiences of up to 80 million people this summer which has led to a surging following all over the world. In doing so, the heart of our work lies in promoting our city, telling its story and changing its image for the better.

As the latest chapter in our development, we are now seeking to create an official pub partnership with a willing venue in Sunderland. This partnership, which will not be of any financial cost to the chosen pub, will consist of the following:

  • Mutual promotion work. SGM will post content for you on our massive social media platforms and encourage people to visit
  • We may mutually arrange and organize events to the specific benefit of the venue
  • We may send you, free of charge, SGM related merchandize or memorabilia to promote us for our side of the deal.

SGM strongly believes in the success of Sunderland pubs. As hard times are falling on small businesses with surging costs and supply chain shocks, our goal is to establish broad and lasting relationships with local business owners to help them. We are not seeking any payment in exchange for doing so and believe it is a fun and creative way to help boost our respective brands.

If you are interested, please get in touch at