SGM is Recruiting multiple writers: Come and Contribute to the North East’s Fastest Growing News Organization

Created in 2019, Sunderland Global Media is the fastest growing news organization in the North East of England. With a Facebook reach that can excel up to 900,000 people a month, SGM has established itself firmly as an alternative media organization and force to be reckoned with in its coverage of local news, history and football.

But there is much still left to do, so now we’re once again opening the door to expand our team! We are happy to announce we are opening positions once again for interns, contributing writers and reporters, giving you the opportunity to make your name in local journalism. Here’s the positions we are looking to fill:

County Durham Intern Reporters

SGM has set a long term strategic goal to expand into County Durham, and to establish a presence in the City itself. We are looking for intern writers to help kickstart this effort and cover local news developments, as well as help build a new social media page. We will be looking for individuals who are passionately motivated, have some skill in writing and looking to advance their career prospects in this field. The commitment you will give is flexible and negotiable, providing you can help establish this long-term project. Multiple positions are also open.

Contributing Writers

Meanwhile on the Sunderland front, we are looking for a bigger team of contributors to discuss local politics, affairs and other areas of interest. Here we are open to accepting people of all backgrounds provided you can demonstrate the necessary skillsets, and hope to build a bigger team overall.

Into the light: football contributors

SGM continues to seek volunteer writers to contribute to our SAFC program: “Into the light“. Whilst we already have a chief reporter, our goal is to create a more competitive fanzine which regularly produces content. The only qualification you need here is to be passionate about SAFC.

If you are interested in any of these positions please email us at If we didn’t get back to you before, please be persistent!