SGM open to partial ownership sale

Sunderland Global Media are exploring the possibility of selling up to 25% of the company’s ownership to 3rd party investors. This would be a legally verified transaction displayed on companies house.

Over the past few years, SGM has grown exponentially and has established itself as one of the city’s largest news outlets, it is likely to become the most successful Sunderland media start up in generations. Already, it reaches far beyond the city to millions of people a month. In conjunction with this rapid growth has been a transition towards deeper professionalisation, but above all a fundamental dedication to Sunderland and its people.

SGM was created for the benefit and promotion of Sunderland, and is strongly believed as such that it should not be a wholly private or “aloof” enterprise, but that those deemed significant of “representing the local community” should have a stake it, and it should operate in pursuit of a “common good”. In other words, a grassroots news service which is somewhat democratized.

It is strongly believed as such, that a more diversified ownership and team will be of a fundamental benefit to SGM’s future growth, operations, credibility and serve the good of Sunderland as a whole. As such, we would be most interested in a specific community organization or cause acquiring a stake, and can cater to multiple bids. SGM’s assets are likely to increase in value as it continues to grow, making it a safe investment.

SGM’s accounts, combined with its total assets and valuation, can be shown on request. The firm has a small team, but a rapidly growing income which is only going to increase. Any inquiries should write to us at