Sunderland Announce Partnership with Hummel From Next Season

SAFC released the following statement:

“We are delighted to announce a new multi-year partnership with hummel to become our Technical Kit Partner from next season.

Rekindling an iconic alliance first born in 1988, the legendary sportswear brand will become the Club’s new Technical Kit Partner from July 2024.

The multi-million-pound agreement, which will run on an initial five-year term, represents one of the largest commercial deals in the Club’s history.

From a late 80s’ ascension to the First Division to an historic 1992 FA Cup run to Wembley Stadium, hummel’s story is woven into the fabric of SAFC’s history.

The unmistakable chevrons embossed the unforgettable eras of Gabbiadini and Gates and Ball and Bennett, and we are delighted to welcome hummel back to Wearside.

Heritage and innovation will be at the heart of an iconic collaboration, which will deliver bespoke playing kits and training wear for our Men’s, Women’s, and Academy teams, and to SAFC supporters around the world.

Bringing originality and a commitment to quality, the partnership will provide SAFC fans with access to the widest assortment of high-quality technical apparel available.

The legacy continues…”