Sunderland based fantasy novel The North Star to be released on 25th July

The Sunderland based fantasy novel, The North Star, is set to be released on the 25th July.

The novel depicts the story of  “seventeen-year-old Sophie Scott” who “finds herself embroiled on a quest to become a mythical Northumbrian hero known as the North Star.”

Sophie “must not only fight her own demons but rise to confront an ancient evil which threatens the entire North East in what will prove to be a truly epic urban fantasy saga.”

Set exclusively in Sunderland and the wider North East, the novel is unique for its application of realist themes, locations and its commentary on Sunderland life and history, blending it into an epic fantasy story very much rooted in a world we relate to.

The novel is now available for pre-order online at the Olympia Publishers website. It will be available soon on Amazon, as well as the Waterstones Catalogue. Arrangements are also being made for it to be physically sold in local bookstores.

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