Sunderland Global Media truly goes “Global” with Viral Owl video reaching 21 million people

At the beginning of the week SGM posted a video of wildlife conservationist Matt Poole rehousing a series of Burrow Owls into a new home, which had originated from his TikTok profile.

Picking the baby owls out one by one, audiences were captivated by the cute looks on their faces and their staring yellow eyes as he placed them onto the ground and hinted them towards their burrow, which they soon scuttled into.

However, the SGM version of the video soon went far further than the local and regional audience it was intended for, and went viral worldwide to become the most viewed social media post in SGM’s history. As of the morning of the 14th June (UK time), the clip has reached 21 million people and been shared 70,000 times.

Despite being a Sunderland page, the impact of the clip has also brought in thousands of new likes from around the world, making SGM truly “global” in scope. This constitutes a very important milestone in our own development, and in the long term will work towards us projecting the influence and name of Sunderland worldwide.