Sunderland Guide: Barnes Burn (Barnes Park Extension)

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Location: Tay Road, Thorney Close (West Side), Grindon Lane (East Side)

The Barnes Burn or “Barnes Park Extension” is an annex of the park of the same name situated between Thorney Close and Grindon.

A large open space of grassland, the name of the area is derived from the Barnes Burn (Bishopwearmouth Burn) stream of which runs through it, originating on Hasting Hill.

Historically, the land which became the Barnes Park extension was used as a transit route for the historic Lambton Wagonway in the 19th century, which freighted coal from Washington into the city of Sunderland, many of the pathways in the park continue to follow the old track routes.

The Barnes Park extension is a great place to take a walk, play sports, relax and take in scenic views of the surrounding area. It is possible to walk through all of the extensions towards Barnes Park proper itself, as part of what is known as the Hasting-Barnes trail.