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Next to the A183 off the A19, West Sunderland

Grindon is a suburb of Sunderland located to the west side of the city’s core area. Existing for most of its history as a manor and farmstead, which at various points was home to the famous Vaux and Doxford families, Grindon was redeveloped into a post-war social housing estate in the 1950s.


Grindon is Old English for “Green Hill”, which is of course a reference to the enormous hill adjacent to the estate which is sometimes called “Sandhill”. The estate’s first reference in history begins with the landmark Norman-era “Boldon Book” in the 12th century, which was a survey of the lands held by the Bishop of Durham. At this time, the land of Grindon was held by a Norman Noble known as “Walter De Roth” who paid an annual rent.

For the centuries that past, life in Grindon was situated at the historic Grindon Hall, which as mentioned above would be home to influential local families such as the Vaux and Doxfords. The final version of this hall, built in the 19th century, was demolished with the construction of the modern estate in the 1950s.

Getting in and around

Grindon is accessible by bus from Sunderland City Centre with a 15-20 minute journey. The best buses to get are the number 16 bus (towards Hasting Hill) or the 23 (towards Thorney Close).

Things to see and do

Grindon has more vast open space than other suburbs of Sunderland, as it sits next to a large open space which constitutes the Grindon Sandhill and the Barnes Park Extension, or “Barnes Burn”. This land forms the boundary between Grindon and neighbouring Thorney Close. It is possible to follow this park route all the way through into the centre of Barnes Park itself, albeit crossing various roads along the way.

Shop, Eat and Drink

  • Mariners Fish & Chips
  • Grindon Broadway Social Club & Institute
  • Golden Fish Bar
  • The Hastings Hill
  • Grindon Dragon Chinese Takeaway
  • Sultans Indian Takeaway
  • Empire Nations Convenience Store