Sunderland Guide: Jacky Whites Market

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Location: In the Bridges Shopping Centre, Market Square, Sunderland City Centre

Jacky Whites Market is a historic indoor market venue in Sunderland City Centre wherein individual traders sell their goods. The market has a considerable reputation in local culture and is known for its down to earth nature and affordable prices.

Although the market’s location has changed repeatedly over the years, the institution itself is over 95 years old and begins with a man called James Whyte. Over the past century, its various premises have survived being burnt down and even bombed to eventually find its new home in the Bridges from the 1980s.

Jacky Whites Market has a wide range of venues and freshly prepared food for sale. One of the most famous items on sale is the local delicacy which has became known as the “Mackem Pie”, made “with Scottish outdoor reared pork, black pudding and herbs”.

If you want an authentic and traditional Sunderland experience, then visiting Jacky Whites market should absolutely be on your bucket list. A market is a great place to see local culture on a niche level and discover the most peculiar things an area has to offer. It’s also a great way to support local traders and businesspeople.