Sunderland Guide: Mowbray Park

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Location: Burdon Road, Sunderland City Centre. Accessible via Fawcett Street and Holmeside.

Mowbray Park is the central park of the City of Sunderland. Opened in 1857, the Park is one of the finest city parks in all Britain and is noteworthy for its Victorian era grandeur, beautiful flowerbeds and green pastures. The park accompanies the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens, making both sites an all round package for a day out.

The park has plenty to see and do. It has several walking routes around it. One may see Sunderland’s central Cenotaph and War Memorial, its classical bandstand, statues of notable Sunderland figures including Henry Havelock, Jack Crawford, John Candlish MP, a monument to the Victoria Hill Disaster, its Lion wall sculptures, the former doorframe of the medieval Bishopwearmouth Rectory and at the top of the park, a children’s play park.

The rectory door

Due to its central and easily accessible location, the park is an excellent choice for family activities. Its neatly maintained grass fields are perfect for summer picnics and sports amongst others. The park may regularly host events and activities.

Nearby amenities: Sunderland Fawcett Street, Market Square, Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens,