Sunderland Guide: Northern Spire Bridge

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Location: A1231 road crossing the River. If you are on foot, you can reach the Northern Spire Bridge by getting off at Pallion Metro Station

The Northern Spire Bridge is a crossing of the River Wear which was opened in August 2018. A government funded project, the bridge is the tallest structure in the city of Sunderland, and the tallest bridge in the North of England. It is a symbol of the city’s renaissance.

Plans to create a new “iconic bridge” had been in the works for over a decade. The council had sought to create a new crossing as part of their new “strategic transport corridor” but chose to be ambitious than to opt for a simple design.

The original proposal of the bridge however was far larger and more breathtaking, but the complexity and cost of the design seen contractors withdraw from the project. This resulted in a compromise which took on its current design, which was later named via a public poll as “The Northern Spire”.

The Northern Spire Bridge has very quickly became a Sunderland icon. It can be seen from many locations throughout the city. It has great visual appeal and well worth a walk or cycle over, which also gives more iconic views of the River Wear in both directions.

Nearby Amenities: Sainsburys (North of the River), the Palm bar & restaurant (North of the River)