Sunderland Guide: Ryhope Beach

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Location: Ryhope, just across from the village green, Ryhope Road and under the A1018

Ryhope Beach is often known as the “forgotten beach” of Sunderland in that unlike its counterparts of Roker and Seaburn, it is not in fact a resort and has a unique characteristic of being mostly a pebble laden beach, not a sand one, but that does not make it any less worthy to visit.

Described as a “hidden gem”, the beach is unique for its splendid visual appeal, which consists of enormous limestone cliffs which have been eroded by the sea over the years, as well as the gaping caves the waves have carved out.

To reach the area, one must walk underneath the railway tunnel across the road from Ryhope Village Green, which takes you through a narrow green valley and then to a set of steps that takes you down to the beach.

Due to its rocky format and “non tourist” tradition, one may find it slightly more inconvenient than the other beaches, and greater care should also be taken in addition.

As there is only one pathway up and down from the beach through the cliffs due to a lack of development, one must pay addition to changing tides, especially if you walk long distances from the arrival point. It is easier to become trapped.

In conclusion, Ryhope beach is a perfect destination for someone feeling more “adventurous” and looking for something “different” than a normal beach.

Nearby amenities: Albion at Ryhope Restaurant and Pub, Ryhope District Club, Ryhope Post Office.