Sunderland Guide: Seaburn

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Location: On Sunderland’s seafront, Whitburn Road. Reachable by bus and metro.

Twinned with Roker, Seaburn is a beach resort on the seafront of Sunderland, known for its pristine appearance and golden sand, making it one of the more favourable places in the city to visit.


What is the origin of the name Seaburn?

The name “Seaburn” is derived from the “burn” or “stream” that runs into the sea. The “Cut throat dene” that runs through Mere Knolls Cemetery forms a natural border between part of Sunderland and South Tyneside.

How did Seaburn develop?

The area was originally an extension of the township of Fulwell, which was a village since the early middle ages. In the 19th century, Roker and Seaburn developed into a popular seaside resort with construction of Wearmouth Bridge and the replacement of Hendon Beach with the Port.

By the 20th century, and before the boom of international tourism, Seaburn had established itself as a booming resort and also boasted a fairground. However, the rise of foreign holidays saw the resort decline, but nevertheless the area remained one of the nicer parts of Sunderland. By the turn of the 21st century in the 2010s, Seaburn started to go undergo a revival and has experienced significant investment and regeneration which has broadly expanded the range of facilities available for visitors.

What is there to see and do in Seaburn?

Seaburn now boasts a large number of places to eat and drink. This most notably now includes the Seaburn STACK facility and the House of Zen, but also a considerable number of restaurants and bars on Whitburn Road. It also hosts several large hotels, including the newly built Seaburn Inn, as well as the Grand Hotel.

Up above from the beach, it has also hast several open green spaces, and hosts the lighthouse which once sat on Sunderland’s old south pier.

Nearby Amenities: House of Zen, Bar88, Prego Bar, Gabriele’s, Minchella’s, Goa Exemplary, The Shagorika, Queen’s Cafe Fish and Chips, Seaburn Bar and Grill.