Sunderland Guide: Southwick Village Green

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Location: Sunderland Road, can be reached via Southwick Road past the Stadium of Light, or by crossing Queen Alexandra Bridge

The heart of a community that has stood since the early middle ages, Southwick was for most of its history a settlement in its own right which from the 20th century onwards was incorporated into the growing town of Sunderland. As a result, it sustains a strong historical identity and character.

The Southwick village green sustains the core shape of the medieval settlement which grew up around it. Over the past few years, the area has experienced an incredible community led revival who have invested heavily in preserving its heritage and restoring its former glory. This has involved establishing numerous blue heritage plaques and information boards, commemorating its military history and creating new flower gardens.

The surrounding area hosts a number of historic buildings, such as the Tram Car Inn pub, of which is a listed building under English Heritage, as well as Southwick’s Holy Trinity Parish Church dated from 1848 (not to be confused with the one in the East End) and St. Hilda’s Roman Catholic church from 1902. Overall, Southwick is an important era of historical interest which preserves a living heritage of numerous eras of history.

Amenities: The Tram Car Inn, Subway, Pasha Pizza, The Green Bean Cafe, Cheles Deli, Hogans,