Sunderland Guide: St. Andrew’s Church, Roker

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Location: Talbot Road, Roker

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One of Sunderland’s hidden gems and little known architectural marvels, St. Andrew’s Church, Roker is known as one of the finest parish churches ever constructed in early 20th century Britain (1907)

The chapel has been widely acclaimed for the design of its interior, of which includes Anglo-Saxon style stained glass windows, an elaborately painted dome depicting the creation, showing the sun, moon and stars, as well as a rich tapestry following the Adoration of the Magi.

The church’s inner beauty and unique structural design makes it a must see for those seeking a mystical, wonderous and sensual experience. It may not be chief in importance amongst Sunderland’s churches, it is chief in its ability to impress. It is open for general visits on weekday mornings.

Nearby amenities: Roker Promenade Cafes and Restaurants, The Cliff (Pub)