Sunderland Guide: St. Luke’s Terrace, Pallion

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Location: St. Luke’s Terrace, SR4 6NQ

St. Luke’s Terrace is the central street of Pallion, a suburb of central Sunderland. The street is known as the takeaway and pizza capital of the city and is a great place to eat, order and takeout from.

Getting there

The terrace is a five minute walk north of the Pallion Metro Station, which can be reached by heading South and crossing European Way. The number 10 and 11 and buses from Sunderland City Centre also pass by the area. From the North of the River, one can also reach it by crossing the Northern Spire Bridge by car and heading south off Woodbine Terrace.

Things to eat and drink

St. Luke’s terrace, Pallion is famed for its wide variety of fast food takeaways and restaurants. While this is not typically a place for fancy eating or dining in (excluding the Gin bar below), it is a destination for quick, convenient, cheap and tasty food. The area has three of the top leading Pizza chains, including Domino’s Pizza, Papa Johns and Pizza Uno. There is also a non-chain Pizza takeaway known as “Pizza 2000”.

In addition it also has a Greggs, a Dickson’s, Murtha’s Fish and Chip Shop, Downey’s Fish and Chips, two Chinese takeaways (Chinese 2 Go, Jade Palace), Subway and last, but certainly not least, a fancy new Gin Bar and restaurant known as “CCC” situated in the former working men’s club.