Sunderland Guide: Sunniside

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Location: To the east side of Sunderland City Centre, accessible from St. Thomas’s Street

Sunniside is a historic district of Sunderland City Centre which is now a hub for small businesses, bars and restaurants, set around a small city square known as “Sunniside Gardens”. Based between the modern west side and the historic East End, Sunniside has been significantly regenerated over the past 15 years which has given it a true “inner urban” feel.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Sunderland’s centre of gravity was situated further East, and in conjunction with this Sunniside was its traditional central business district, hosting facilities such as the historic Post Office and other buildings. It continues to host Sunderland’s legal and real estate sectors today as a direct result.

From the early 2000s, however, the area was re-established as an area for urban dining, living and entertainment, starting with the creation of the Cinema, Bowling Alley, Arcade and Casino to the immediate North. The former Post Office building was refurbished into apartments. A £6 million venue was also created which was known as “The Place”, but is now the Alice in Wonderland themed cafe and bistro: “The Looking glass

Overall, Sunniside is known as “the go to place for a good night out” and it is definitely recommended as one of the nicer areas of the City Centre.

Amenities: The Rainbow Hub (LGBT community cafe), The Manor Bar, The Looking Glass, Sams Bar, Bar Justice, Angelo’s Ristorante, Sloanes Sports Bar, Sunderland Bowl, Nandos, Empire Cinema, Grosvenor Casino,