Sunderland Guide: The Dolphin Pub

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Location: Ashdown Rd, Farringdon, SR3 3HT

The Dolphin pub, or sometimes known as “The Dolphin Hotel” is a bar and venue based in Farringdon. Opened in the 1960s, its name is derived from a former fisherman who first owned it.

The bar is famous for repeatedly winning the “Sunderland Pub of the Year” award five times in a row, an honour which stems from the effort and commitment which its owners have put into it, redeeming its once bad reputation and transforming it into a positive venue that has a strong sense of community and local belonging.

The Dolphin pub is a very interesting place to visit if you’re seeking to engage with local people or try something completely different. It’s also a fantastic place to watch football games with a tremendous atmosphere.

Located four miles from Sunderland City Centre, on public transport the Dolphin pub is reachable by the number 3, 4, 13 and 20 buses which stop at either Allendale road at the bottom, or the Durham Road at the top.