Sunderland Guide: The Dun Cow Pub

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Location: 9 High St W, Sunderland SR1 3HA, United Kingdom

The Dun Cow Pub is a historic public house which boasts one of the grandest and most visually appealing architectural traits in the city. Standing four storeys high with a peculiar tower poking out of the top. It is both fancy and novel in its design. Its Baroque style perfectly compliments that of the immediately adjacent Sunderland Empire theatre.

Opened in 1901 by Benjamin F. Simpson, the pub was first opened by Robert Deuchars, Brewers of Edinburgh and is also famed for its decorative ornate and furnished interior, which is charming and nostalgic. Its name, meaning “Dun” (Brown) Cow is derived from a local legend that the Monks carrying the remains of St. Cuthbert were guided from the hill of Warden Law to the City of Durham by a brown cow, of which is known in Latin as “Dunelm”.

The pub recently underwent a refurbishment. Without a doubt if you are planning on visiting Sunderland, there is little doubt that this venue should be at the top of your bucket list.

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