Sunderland Guide: The Peacock

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Location: Just off High Street West in Keel Square

The Peacock, formerly known as the Londonderry, is a classical pub based off High Street in what is now Keel Square, in the city centre of Sunderland.

Whilst the current building was constructed in 1901, as per its nearby sibling The Dun Cow, the pub has existed on the site since 1770, with “The Peacock” being in fact its original name.

A rare photo of the original Peacock building pre-1901

The Londonderry title, which came after the reconstruction, was derived from the the Marquess of Londonderry, a local mining magnate. A refurbishment of the pub in 2017 thus saw it return to its original name.

Similar to the Dun Cow, the Peacock is one of Sunderland’s finest pubs and has a baroque style design with several rounded towers.

Since its reopening, the Peacock pub has had a much more “family friendly” identity to it and its location in Keel Square has transformed it into a prime food and drink venue across the city.

Amenities: The Bridges Shopping Centre, The Dun Cow (pub), The Sunderland Empire Theatre, The Fire Station, the Sunderland auditorium, High Street West, Holiday Inn Hotel.