Sunderland Guide: The Secret Garden, Doxford Park


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Location: Off Silksworth Road in the Southwest of Sunderland, which can be accessed from the A690

The Secret Garden of Doxford Park sits at the centre of the historic Silksworth township, a settlement which dates back to the Anglo-Saxon era. The modern concept of “Doxford Park” however, is derived from the Doxford family who came to own the land, and were instrumental in the pioneering of Sunderland’s shipbuilding industry and the creation of the diesel engine of the same name.

Once owned by this family, The Secret Garden is an assortment of woodland and park space which is one of the most tranquil and beautiful locations in all of Sunderland. As its name suggests, it contains a “walled garden” which once belonged to the accompanying manor Doxford House. The Hendon Burn stream also runs through it, which is also visible through the neighbouring Farringdon Country Park, then onwards to Silksworth Park and later Backhouse park.

Recently, the Secret Garden has been subject to a significant community led crowdfunding and regeneration effort, which has significantly enhanced the quality and revived the quality of the pack, including planting many new flowerbeds. This makes the park above all a wonderful location to visit if you are seeking peace of mind.

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