Sunderland Guide: The Shipwrights Pub

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Location: Ferryboat Ln, Sunderland SR5 3HW, United Kingdom

Located on the quiet and tree laden riverside of Hylton, the Shipwrights pub is one of the oldest continuously operating pubs within all Sunderland. Hosted in a building which is estimated to be over 350 years old, the pub’s current form purportedly came into being during the early 18th century.

The name and theme of the shipwrights pub reflects the shipbuilding of the River Wear it grew up around. Although quiet now, during the 18th and 19th centuries the neighbouring village of South Hylton across the River was a booming industrial hub of shipbuilding which itself boasted 32 pubs at its height. The shipwrights pub could be reached by boarding the small ferry across the river accordingly.

The Shipwrights photographed from the Souths side of the river, note the rusted abandoned ships.

Nowadays, no Ferry service exists and the Shipwrights is isolated from South Hylton, meaning it must be reached from the North Side. The surrounding environment of the riverside and forests makes it a spendlid, peaceful and relaxing place to eat and drink. There’s also rusted old vessels peppering the riverside, making pub is a historical gem which brings a wonderful nostalgic experience.