Sunderland Hair & Beauty business Shortlisted in the UK Hair and Beauty Awards

A Sunderland based hair and beauty business is proud to announce that it has been shortlisted in the UK Hair and Beauty Awards in the BEST FOR AESTHETICS category.

North East Aesthetics, founded by Danielle Lennox and based on 136 Newcastle Road Fulwell, was delighted by the shortlisting and commented that she wanted to help people feel more comfortable about their appearance without resorting to dangerous or risky methods. She quoted:

“Being someone who grew up so self-conscious, hating my own face and body and watching social media influencers changing their appearance becoming someone they’re not but most importantly undergoing huge risks and health disasters as a result, it taught me to learn to love myself the way I am, sticking to only minor enhancements and my goal was to promote self-love to others whilst being an advocate for ‘safe aesthetics’…

…offering treatments that only enhance natural features safely to help people achieve their desired results and feel more confident within themselves but without changing who they are completely, and to have achieved establishing the business, expanding to a pop-up clinic in Florence, Italy and being shortlisted as Finalist twice for two different categories in under a year makes me unbelievably proud and gives me the strength to continue to grow the business.”