Sunderland mam transforms her kitchen with just a £6.99 buy from B&M

A Sunderland mam has went on viral on TikTok after she was able to completely transform her kitchen using a £6.99 bargain from B&M.

TikTok user Natasha Lawson began sharing her journey of turning her house into a home shortly after moving in.

She has used bargain buys from the likes of B&M, Home Bargains and Poundstretcher to update the property, documenting the process as she updates each room. After impressing her followers with an unbelievable bedroom makeover, that included some DIY panelling using MDF, she turned her attention to the kitchen.

Filmed in four parts, Natasha completes her kitchen makeover with just a £50 budget. In the first instalment, the mum-of-one shares her vision of a grey and oak farmhouse-style kitchen and the results are remarkable.

On her B&M trip, Natasha found some sticky-back vinyl that would be perfect for her kitchen, which comes in at just £6.99 a roll. Paired with some decorator’s knives and new sanding blocks, she was ready to prep the kitchen for its makeover. And thanks to just a few rolls of grey and a few rolls of wood-effect, her kitchen looks brand new.

She says that all she needed was a small decorator’s knife to cut the vinyl to size, a screwdriver to remove the door and drawer handles and metal trims and a card to squeeze out the air bubbles. “I’m absolutely obsessed,” she says after showing off her fresh cupboard doors.

Natasha polished off the job with a £4.50 grout reviver pen to brighten up the white between her tiles, which she was convinced to keep by legions of fans. After going over the top of her worn grout with the pen, the results are amazing.

“I’m absolutely gobsmacked with the results,” she shares. “You can already see the difference and see how beautiful it looks”.

Since starting to document her journey, Natasha has amassed more than 50,000 fans on TikTok and many are with her in complementing her achievements.

“You’ve done an amazing job!” one user complimented. While another said “I have loved watching your videos. Well done you, you should be so proud!”

As well as sharing their admiration for the job, many fans are quick to help Natasha and others out on their journeys, offering tips and tricks for removing the vinyl if it were the case.

“Is this stuff sticky?” Asked one fan, “I’d love to do this but we are rented so will have to remove it one day”.

Quick to help out, another of Natasha’s fans added “Should be fine! If you blast it with a hair dryer the glue melts and it comes off really easy, any excess glue can just be wiped away!”