Sunderland Researcher Needs Your Help! What does your city mean to you?

A Sunderland based researcher is undertaking a project which is looking for input from local residents!

PH.D researcher Victoria Beaney, a Sunderland local who is studying at the University, is seeking to explore what the city means to the people who live there, in what is described as “A visual analysis of the image of Sunderland and residents’ perception of it.”

But she can’t do it without the voice of the people themselves!

In doing so, she is inviting local residents to take and submit their own photos of things in the city, or representing Sunderland.

In submitting the photograph, the sender is asked to briefly explain in their own words what the contents of the photo means to them regarding Sunderland, and how they feel it represents the city as a whole.

Willing participants are asked to send their photographs by email to