Sunderland thug jailed for inflicting 21 fractures on a baby

A Sunderland man who physically abused and beaten a baby so severely that they suffered 21 fractures, has been jailed for 15 years.

Kristian Hagan caused an injury to the baby’s bottom that medics said would be commonly seen in someone who had just had invasive surgery.

Newcastle Crown Court was informed that the baby bled heavily and was taken to hospital, where a shocking catalogue of further injuries was found, including numerous other fractures, bruising and a pinch mark.

The court heard the baby had fractures to his ribs at the front and back, possibly caused by squeezing, forceful gripping or a direct blow, such as being slammed onto a hard surface. He had fractures to his thighs, shins and forearm.

The baby also had bruising to his abdomen, which had the appearance of a pinch mark and bruises to his thigh. One of his eyes was also reddened.

The court heard some of the injuries would have been “extremely painful” when inflicted and the one to his bottom would have been “excruciating”.

Hagan, 24, of Sunderland, denied assaulting the victim but was found guilty of two charges of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and two of assault by a jury after a trial.

Judge Julie Clemitson said babies are “completely helpless” and cannot communicate other than by crying and cannot complain that they have been hurt. The judge added: “Babies can’t tell anyone what happened to them.”

Judge Clemitson said Hagan was a cocaine user at the time of the attack, which exacerbated his own mental health issues and affected his ability to manage his emotions and temper.

She added: “You demonstrated at the time a capacity to inflict very serious harm upon an extremely vulnerable infant.”

The court heard Hagan has no previous conviction and has been in employment.