Sunderland Union Society Launches new Day Trips

The Sunderland Union Society is launching a new program of exciting day trips for local residents, with its first destination being Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire.

The Society, founded in 2022, is a public events organization that seeks to organize activities and public speaking events to bring opportunities to the city.

Basing itself in the Mountain Daisy Pub in Millfield, the society spent the final months of 2022 organizing itself and hosted its first meeting in December.

It hopes to hit the ground running in 2023 and has now announced, in conjunction with DB Transport, the scheduling of regular day trips.

With rail ticket prices soaring, and services increasingly becoming unreliable due to frequent strikes, people need a cheaper and convenient alternative for a day out. The society aims to provide that.

While first using minibuses to test the level of demand, participants will be able to travel from Sunderland to various destinations throughout the country for reasonable and affordable prices.

The first destination, Robin Hood’s Bay, is a historical seaside town and area of natural beauty located south of Whitby in North Yorkshire. It is known for its 15th century buildings and a popular legend surrounding the hero it is named after.

Tickets, which are of limited availability, cost £25 per person for a single return trip. However, discounts are available for families of 3 or 4, which cost £60 and £80 respectively.

Payment involves a 50% deposit upfront and bringing the rest by cash during the day. To book, please email