Sunderland woman and PTSD sufferer faces court for “seven counts of public nuisance” after Wearmouth Bridge Suicide Attempt

A Sunderland woman says she is facing a court trial for “seven counts of public nuisiance” after she was arrested on Wearmouth Bridge for a suicide attempt in October Last year.

Paige Hunter, who has gone public with her account, has suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) since she was 14 years old, and has been open about her mental health struggles.

PTSD is a condition whereby after experiencing serious and life changing trauma, the person constantly relives the distress of the event in their everyday life, provoking depression, anxiety, alienation and anger. Anything which reminds the individual of the event can be a trigger, which can make many ordinary daily activities even difficult.

After having struggled with the condition, Paige says she “wanting to end my life on the wearmouth bridge” and in attempting to do so, she was arrested. However, instead of receiving help, she has been charged with “seven counts of public nuisance” and faces court in July.

Furious at the situation, she told facebook: “How can you sit and make the assumption that my pain is in fact not pain but attention seeking? How can services sit and watch someone take overdose after overdose, frequent attempts at the bridge and not help.”

Members of the public have reacted with outrage to her story, and are offering their full support.

She subsequently advised people that: “So when you walk, drive or hear about someone on the bridge they are in fact not getting help they have reached out and I can guarantee they will be back in the same spot.”