Sunderland’s 1973 FA Cup final game to be shown in full at the Fire Station, here’s how you can get tickets

2023 marks 50 years since Sunderland’s legendary FA Cup final victory against Leeds in 1973

No matter where SAFC may go, the victory has become an icon of the club and its history because it represented a miraculous triumph against the odds, becoming a symbol of hope, perseverance, unity and optimism amidst all the ups and downs the club has faced.

And now, to celebrate the anniversary, you can watch the full game again in full on the day it happened.

The Fire Station auditorium, on High Street West, is screening the historic game, mirroring the time at 3pm.

Relive the immense moment of Ian Porterfield’s goal and Jimmy Montgomery’s legendary double save.

500 tickets are up for grabs!

The proceeds are all going to the Sunderland Fan’s Museums charitable outreach program.

Tickets can be bought on their official website here.