Teenagers Convicted for the murder of Jack Woodley appeal to overturn their convictions

In October 2021, 18 year Jack Woodley from Gateshead was stabbed and murdered at the Houghton Feast Festival. Ten teenagers were subsequently found guilty of his killing and handed life sentences.

Now, nine out of the ten killers have lodged appeals against their convictions.

Their families insist they are innocent.

A judge is reportedly considering their applications as part of the “first stage”.

He can either grant the application for leave to appeal, refuse outright or refer it to a new hearing at court.

This could mean the case is heard at the Court of Appeal in London.

As only one of the teenagers admitted that they dealt the “fatal blow”, the other nine have insisted that they are innocent, and that they have been framed for a crime they did not commit and given life sentences.

In a joint statement, the families of those nine teenagers said: “All of us are incredibly mindful of the life that was lost that night, but all of us know that none of our children intended that Jack die, let alone inflict the fatal blow.

“None of our children have criminal records. None of them carry knives, and they did not carry a knife the night that Jack Woodley was fatally stabbed.

“Our children have been given life sentences for a murder they did not commit. We never thought this could happen, that children who don’t commit murder themselves could be convicted of murder.

“Why do nine children have to serve life sentences for a murder they did not commit – this is not justice.

“We will spend the rest of our lives fighting for our children, and our children will spend the rest of their lives maintaining their innocence.”