The North Star

The North Star is an epic urban fantasy series created by SGM and published our own website. Launched in 2021, the North Star is the first ever story of its kind set around Sunderland and its people.

Blending Northumbrian and Arthurian folklore and mythology in with modern themes and commentary, it tells the story of a young girl from the city called Sophie Scott who from a downtrodden background working in a famous pub, finds herself called to the mantle of an ancient hero once held by Oswald of Northumbria, and must face an ancient evil that is seeking to emerge through the disillusionment and anger of people in the area.

The North Star is not so much a generic fairytale as much it is a lucid commentary on Sunderland, its history, people and culture with reference to the North East as a whole. It is notable for its explicit use of real locations in the city, its honesty and realism in the framing of its characters, blending humour, drama and local culture on a magical and sometimes even dark theme.


The North Star Chapter I: Thorney Close’s Unlikely Hero

The North Star Chapter II: A Holy Trinity

The North Star Chapter III: Hexes, Drugs and Sausage Rolls

The North Star Chapter IV: Make Sunderland Great Again

The North Star Chapter V: Big Trouble on Little Silksworth

The North Star Chapter VI: A Session at the Museum

The North Star Chapter VII: The Curse of the Gadgie

The North Star Chapter VIII: The Invitation From Above

The North Star Chapter XI: A Working Class Traitor is Something To Be

The North Star Chapter X: In The Name of the Father