The Retro Room: Jacky White’s Markets Hidden Gem that will bring back all your childhood memories

Jacky White’s Market is often underappreciated by Sunderland residents. Not only is it a historic venue that has been in operation nearly a century, albeit in various locations, but it is an important hub of local traders which continues to exist during a time where in person, city centre retail is suffering decline due to the rise of E-commerce giants and big supermarket chains. Jacky White’s market is ultimately about local jobs and local people.

And sitting in the back of the Market is a fantastic treasure trove, which is easily the most exciting and fulfilling venue in the facility (although not the only!), and perhaps even in the city centre at large. Known as The Retro Room, the store is every “inner child’s dream” as a fantastic assortment and collection of old toys, figures, comic books, films, memorabilia, games and consoles, the blast from the past you can only dream of!

As you sift through the Retro Room, you’ll find old Game Boy colour and advance consoles, Play Station One and Two Games, Beano Books and comics, Star Wars figures and toys from across the ages, wrestling merchandise, the list goes on. Looking around at it alone gives you a hugely satisfying feeling that will trigger your impulses!

Founded by Aiden Lynch, originally from Luton who moved to Sunderland, the Retro Room is a superb local business based on a novel concept, which is an asset to the city few perhaps realized exist. This is a great place to visit, and brings a new dimension and purpose to Jacky Whites Market. Make sure you go and see it! Support our local businesses!