“The Sunderland Story”: New Empire Play to feature the History of SAFC

A new play is being launched at the Sunderland Empire to dramaticize the recite the story of Sunderland A.F.C.

Titled, “The Sunderland Story”, the production will feature from Wednesday, May 17 – Saturday, May 27, marking the the 50th anniversary of the Black Cats’ historic FA Cup win.

Featuring music and humour, the show is set to focus on the story of the club from its first trophy all the way to the recent play-off final win at Wembley. It will feature legendary figures at the club, including Watson, Stokoe, Reid, Cochrane, Campbell, and Gurney.

The story will be told through the lens of the local Carter family, who look back at past memories regarding both the club and the city, including , shipbuilding and the mines.

The producer of the show Sean Marley, of Alterean Media, said: “You need a club that has a real story, a club that has a real history, and passionate fans for whom the club is a way of life,” he said.

Of course, The Sunderland Story will celebrate one of the biggest moments in SAFC’s history 50 years ago – that glorious 1973 FA Cup, but it promises to be about far more than that.

Writer Nicky Allt remembers playing football with his mates in Liverpool after the Wembley win – and three of his friends turning up in Sunderland strips.

“When Sunderland won that cup in ‘73, that was a story that went round the world,” he said.

“That story stayed with me.

“I can’t wait to bring this show to life. When they talk about famous fan bases around the world, Sunderland will always be in that conversation.

“Where football is lifeblood and everything to its people, that is the story of the Red and White stripes. Sunderland is passion.”

He hopes to reinvent the show every few years and that it will evolve as the club’s story continues to unfold: “We hope people love this show so much they want to come back every two or three years,” he said

“It’s not a show you will see once and say ‘I have seen that’.

“You will want to come back.”