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“The Tables have turned”- Infamous Seagull Pervert revealed as Newcastle fan following a year of ridicule aimed at Sunderland

If anyone is connected with SAFC-NUFC banter on social media, they will be well aware that Newcastle fans have made it their mission to mock Sunderland over a man who lived in a Roker bail hostel, who sexually abused a baby seagull.

David Lee, 41, drew national attention after he was caught on CCTV inserting himself into the baby bird and was sentenced to a short stint in prison for animal abuse.

On a serious note, it was an appalling act, yet that didn’t stop Newcastle United fans from whipping up the saga into a new form of banter to comprehensively mock Sunderland, which has been ubiquitous across Facebook and twitter.

However, there has recently been a surprise development in this case. Over a year later, purported screenshots have emerged revealing that the man convicted, despite having lived in Roker, is not in fact a “Mackem” at all, but is a fan of Newcastle United and a “Washington mag.”

The shared screenshots from WhatsApp show what appears to be the same “David Lee”, claiming that he lives in Newcastle, having “NUFC” in his subheading and a St. James’ Park cover photo.

People quickly commented acknowledging that he was in fact a “Washington Mag” all along, one of the most loathed categories of Newcastle United fans amongst Mackems.

This was further confirmed through a screenshot linking to an animal cruelty website documenting the incident, one which notably used the same photo on his facebook profile.

However, it was further noted that he was not originally from the North East, but rather he is originally from Plymouth in the Southwest. It was alluded to in the court stories after all that Sunderland was not his hometown.

These revelations produce an embarrassing and an ironic demise to what has been one of the most irritating insults against Sunderland on social media.

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