These nine dogs are looking for a new home in the North East

These nine beautiful dogs are up for adoption at the Dogs Trust in Darlington.

1. John (Spaniel (Cocker) Cross)

2. Skylar (American Bulldog)

3. Tucker (Terrier (Staffordshire Bull) Cross)

4. Lou (Beagle Cross)

5. Maggie (Lurcher Cross)

6. Rover (Terrier (Staffordshire Bull) Cross)

7. Bailey (Lurcher Cross)

8. Tessa (Jack Russell)

9. Hughie (Chow Chow)

If you, or anyone you know, are interested in giving the dogs a new home please phone the Darlington dogs trust at +44 303 003 0000+44 303 003 0000303 003 0000